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Kitāb Uṯūlūǧiyā (Theologia Aristotelis)

Plotinus: Enneades. — Plotini opera, edd. Paul Henry et Hans-Rudolf Schwyzer; t. 1–3 (t. 2: Plotiniana arabica ad fidem codicum anglice vertit Geoffrey Lewis.) Paris, Bruxelles 1951–73. (Museum Lessianum. Series Philosophica; 33–35). — Enneades IV, V, VI. — Ref. to | Enneas | | section | , | chapter | . | line | .

Kitāb Uṯūlūǧiyā wa-huwa qawl ʿalā l-rubūbiyya [Theologia Aristotelis]. In: ʿAbd-al-Raḥmān Badawī [ed.], Aflūṭīn ʿind al-ʿArab (Plotinus apud Arabes). al-Qāhira 1955, pp. 3-164 (reprint al-Qāhira 1966, same pagination. A difference occurs at pp. 79-80; minor differences in spelling and punctuation). The text quoted in the Graeco-Arabic pericopes is that of the edition Badawī 1966, and will be replaced by the critical text of the pseudo-Theology after publication. — Ref. to | chapter (mīmar) | | section | : | page | . | line | .

Dieterici = Die sogenannte Theologie des Aristoteles, aus arabischen Handschriften zum ersten Mal hrsg. von Fr[iedrich] Dieterici. Leipzig 1882.

The Graeco-Arabic pericopes are taken from the table of correspondences published in: Plotino, La discesa dell’anima nei corpi, Plotiniana Arabica (pseudo-Teologia di Aristote e, capitoli 1 e 7; 'Detti del sapiente greco'), ed. C. D'Ancona et al., Il Poligrafo, Padova 2003, p. 214-220 slightly modified.

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