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Risāla fī l-ʿIlm al-ilāhī (Epistle on the Divine Science)

Plotinus: Enneades. — Plotini opera, edd. Paul Henry et Hans-Rudolf Schwyzer; t. 1–3 (t. 2: Plotiniana arabica ad fidem codicum anglice vertit Geoffrey Lewis.) Paris, Bruxelles 1951–73. (Museum Lessianum. Series Philosophica; 33–35). — Enn. V — Ref. to | Enneas | | section | , | chapter | . | line | . For technical reasons in this work the reference to the Enneads is given with the number of the Ennead and treatise repeated in each item.

Risāla fī l-ʿIlm al-ilāhī. — Ps.-al-Fārābī, Epistle on the Divine Science, ed. Kraus apud Anawati.

ed. Badawī = Risāla fī l-ʿIlm al-ilāhī / Ps.-al-Fārābī, ed. Badawī, Aflūṭīn ʿind al-ʿArab, pp. 165–183. — Ref. to | page | . | line | . The text of the Epistle is that of the edition Badawi 1966, except for p. 183.18, where this edition erroneously omits by homoteleuton a sentence which is sound and features in Aflūṭīn 'ind a l-'Arab, ed. 'A. Badawī, Cairo 1955.

The Graeco-Arabic pericopes are taken from the table of correspondences published in: C. D'Ancona, "Aux origines du dator formarum. Plotin, l’Épître sur la Science Divine et al-Fārābī", in E. Coda - C. Martini Bonadeo, De l'Antiquité Tardive au Moyen Age. Études de logique aristotélicienne et de philosophie grecque, syriaque, arabe et latine offertes à Henri Hugonnard-Roche, Vrin, Paris 2014, pp. 381-416, in part. 387.

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